Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra


The Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra.

Reviving the art of silent film music since 1994.

"Mont Alto is the finest silent movie musical group around today."

--John Sinnott,

Let the Music do the Talking.

Next Events: Mont Alto's first appearance in Colorado Springs, playing for Ramona on November 21. Details on our Schedule page.

The 2016 Silent Film Benefit Calendar is now available! Follow the link to see sample pages and place an order.

We've been working on new recordings for some Buster Keaton short films! Here's a nice waltz, Minnie T. Wright's The Faun, from our score to The Garage; Pierette, from The Scarecrow; and a Misterioso Fantastique by Irenee Berge from Neighbors.

Mont Alto recorded scores for two extras on the Cohen Collection Blu-Ray of Intolerance (1916), Griffith's epic film that interweaves four stories from history. Griffith excerpted two of the stories and added footage to them as stand-alone releases:

The Mother and the Law (1919). Mae Marsh is a young woman who moves to the city after her factory is closed during a strike. Her impoverished life is brightened by love and her faith, but she runs afoul of moralistic do-gooders who arrest her husband and take her child.

Two score excerpts: Prayer, by Camille Saint-Saƫns, and Love Song by Homer Barlett.

The Fall of Babylon (1919). The reign of Belshazzar and his Princess Beloved is threatened by the armies of the Persian emporer Cyrus. Huge sets, elaborate costumes, and a full-scale assault on Babylon's 100-foot walls were a spectacle on a scale previously unseen on film.

Score excerpt: By the Fountain (from Three Arabian Dances by Montague Ring) and Azora: Prelude to Act II (by Henry Hadley).

Our CD, Passion, Betrayal, and Redemption, is now shipping! See details on our Recordings page.

Mont Alto's private reserve DVD of The Mark of Zorro, has received some great reviews! Details and sample audio files on our Recordings page. Read original reviews at DigitallyObsessed and at Also available, our DVD of Buster Keaton's The General.


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